February 2008

Because my dad still had to learn S60, and because his new Nokia E51 still had to be set up, his new phone was practically mine for a few days. This is a recap of my impressions of the E51 during the short time that it I spent with it. I guess you can consider this as a mini review.



Because of all the fuss I made when I was looking for a new mobile, my dad also became interested in upgrading his tech toys. He was looking for something that would relieve him of his 6.6-lb IBM Thinkpad while still allowing hardcore productivity. He also wanted to replace his Nokia 7250i and Palm M515 PDA.


(No, this has nothing to do with my very first entry.)

The image on the side hopefully already gave away the fact that my entry this time isn’t about tech. Like I mentioned in my introductory entry, it was my intention to cover a bit more than just that. And true enough, here I am with my first post in the manga category.

After thinking about what to write for my first manga-related entry, I finally decided to talk about a series called Bitter Virgin.

Actually, Bitter Virgin is a manga that I had encountered by chance after searching onemanga for something new to read. At the time, I had unfortunately already exhausted the supply of chapters of other series that I’ve been following and I simply needed something to keep me distracted while waiting for the next chapters to come out. It was then that I just couldn’t resist clicking on this awkwardly named manga on onemanga’s sidebar. I gave the first chapter a chance, and well, I’ve been hooked ever since.


My E61i and its standby screen!

In the previous post, I went through some of my favorite built-in features of the Nokia E61i. This one, on the other hand, covers most of my favorite add-on applications, whether they are freeware, commercial, or from Nokia itself.


  • Opera Mini – This is definitely one of the best mobile web browsers available (and it’s not just for Symbian!). Its best feature is that Opera’s servers first compress the web page being viewed before sending it back to the phone, making it much more cost-effective than the built-in browser.
  • Truphone – Truphone is an awesome VoIP service that let’s you make FREE calls to landlines and mobiles in countries such as the U.S. Unfortunately, it’ll only be free until the end of February. Truphone-to-Truphone calls will always be free though!


E61i and Accessories


The Nokia E61i is already loaded with features even with it straight out of the box. I won’t be going through every single feature though as they’re already listed on Nokia’s own site or in one of the many E61i reviews that have been available for months already. Instead, this’ll be about the E61i’s features that have proven useful for me in a real-world setting. And without further ado, here they are:


It was late last year when I graduated from university. My mobile phone at the time, a Nokia 3660, had clearly not aged too gracefully in that the housing was looking rather leprous (I’ll probably cover that in a future blog). The keys weren’t responding consistently anymore and the software and hardware simply felt outdated.

Okay, fine. I probably just grew tired of the damn thing.


Welcome to my very first true web log.

Here, I intend to talk about various technologies such as mobile phones, software, computers, and the Internet. Don’t expect anything too technical and in-depth though, as that isn’t what I plan to discuss here. There are more than enough websites dedicated to tech, as it is anyway. The write-ups I’m planning will mostly cover my experiences with these technologies and how they affect my life.

I’m also interested in video games, anime/manga, and art, and I’ll most likely have occasional blogs covering these interests too. Obviously, this is intended to be an impersonal blog. But let me just apologize in advance for possible future entries in which I will simply be rambling and straying away from the intended scope.

With this post, I guess I’ve officially become a blogger. Here’s to hoping that my zest for this doesn’t run out too quickly. ‘Til next time!