Welcome to my very first true web log.

Here, I intend to talk about various technologies such as mobile phones, software, computers, and the Internet. Don’t expect anything too technical and in-depth though, as that isn’t what I plan to discuss here. There are more than enough websites dedicated to tech, as it is anyway. The write-ups I’m planning will mostly cover my experiences with these technologies and how they affect my life.

I’m also interested in video games, anime/manga, and art, and I’ll most likely have occasional blogs covering these interests too. Obviously, this is intended to be an impersonal blog. But let me just apologize in advance for possible future entries in which I will simply be rambling and straying away from the intended scope.

With this post, I guess I’ve officially become a blogger. Here’s to hoping that my zest for this doesn’t run out too quickly. ‘Til next time!