E61i and Accessories


The Nokia E61i is already loaded with features even with it straight out of the box. I won’t be going through every single feature though as they’re already listed on Nokia’s own site or in one of the many E61i reviews that have been available for months already. Instead, this’ll be about the E61i’s features that have proven useful for me in a real-world setting. And without further ado, here they are:

  • WLAN + S60 Browser – The ability to connect to wi-fi access points for internet browsing is probably my favorite feature. Sniffing out free hotspots around the Metro has actually become sort of a hobby for me because of this. With the built-in browser, surfing the net is such a pleasure even on just a 2.8” screen. It’s not very cost-effective when used with a 3G connection though.
  • PIM – The PIM functions such as the contacts list, calendar, reminders, to-do, etc. have all been invaluable to me staying organized. Best of all, I can synchronize the phone with a program such as MS Outlook.
  • Quickoffice Premier – With the E61i intended for business users, it was only natural for Nokia to include a viewer/editor for MS Office files. Quickword has been wonderful for me, as I have been able to draft these very blogs on it. Quicksheet and Quickpoint are great for reviewing sheets and presentations on the go; though editing them isn’t something I’d do outside of a full computer even with that capability enabled.
  • E-Mail – Configuring the E61i to download mail from Gmail and other such services is a breeze. Blackberry Connect is also an option, though activating it will add another PhP450+ (~$11) to my monthly bill and I don’t think I really need that just yet. And then there’s Mail for Exchange.
  • Adobe Reader LE – I love the fact that I can view PDFs on my phone. I’ll admit that viewing huge PDF e-books on a 2.8” screen doesn’t always offer a great experience though. But still.
  • VoIP – VoIP, how I love thee. This ability to make internet calls has saved me a lot of money. It’s particularly useful for calling my friends and relatives in the U.S. Alright, fine; I’m cheating a bit by including this one because you need to install applications such as Gizmo, Fring, or Truphone first before you can start making free/cheap calls. Expect more info on those apps in the next blog.
  • 2 MP camera / Video recorder – I’m no cam whore and the camera is definitely not why I bought the phone. But still, it’s something that’s always nice for those unexpected special moments. In fairness, outdoor photos are usually pretty good. Photos in low light are terrible though.
  • Music Player – Being a “business” phone, the built-in music player is definitely not the best in the industry. It still does the job though, and I’ve happily used my E61i (plus pop-port stereo earphones) as an Mp3 player on several occasions.
  • Real Player – Again, because of the “business” orientation, Nokia simply decided that the E61i didn’t need the latest video codecs. Hence, Nokia PC Suite 6.85 has to be used to convert video files into a compatible form. Admittedly, I don’t use Real Player so much anymore because of superior third-party media players. It does the job, nonetheless.

Aside from everything that’s already been mentioned, what makes S60 really shine is the ability to install additional applications to further add to a phone’s overall usefulness. In my next post, I’ll be talking about my favorite add-on applications and how they’ve made me even happier with my E61i.