Because of all the fuss I made when I was looking for a new mobile, my dad also became interested in upgrading his tech toys. He was looking for something that would relieve him of his 6.6-lb IBM Thinkpad while still allowing hardcore productivity. He also wanted to replace his Nokia 7250i and Palm M515 PDA.

For a long time, he eyed the Nokia E90 despite its exorbitant price back then. Indeed, it did have the potential to replace both his phone and his PDA, as well as serving as a portable “laptop”. As fate would have it, last year’s shortage of E90s prevented him for actually buying one.

It was probably a blessing in disguise because he then realized that the E90 wasn’t for him and that he didn’t need one single device to perform all three roles of laptop, phone, and PDA. What he needed was a combination of a really light laptop and a smartphone that could serve as both phone and PDA.

And so we hunted for a laptop. In local retail stores, the lightest laptop we found was an HP weighing 4.5 lbs. That just wasn’t good enough. And so of course, we turned to where else but the internet.

After much googling, our choices were narrowed down to the Toshiba Portege R500, the Sony Vaio-something, and the HP 2910p. We also considered the now-popular (and deservedly so) Asus Eee PC, which had just been released back then, but we crossed it out because of its limited specs and lack of an optical drive (Don’t get me wrong though. The Eee PC is in its own league of awesomeness). The R500 was definitely the best one but we still chose the 2510p because of its lower price.

Annoyingly, the HP 2510p could only be bought online. That of course meant that if we did buy it, we’d have been killed by shipping charges. Our only choice was to have my cousin in California buy it for us. Luckily enough, my girlfriend was also vacationing in the U.S. at the time and she was within reasonable reach for him.

And that’s how it went. My cousin bought the laptop and delivered it to where my girlfriend was staying. It was pretty funny though because the courier totally screwed up. It arrived only a few hours before my girlfriend’s flight, forcing him to drive crazy-fast just to get it to her on time. Well, it all worked out in the end. My dad’s back has never been happier.

With the laptop already bought, finding the right smartphone was all that was left to do. As fate would have it once again, the Nokia E51 had just been released. After reading several reviews on the net, I learned that it was pretty much everything my E61i was and more, but with a smaller screen and no QWERTY keypad. And with a price tag of only PhP13,200 (~$320), my dad didn’t need to give it much more thought. We went off to buy the E51 almost as soon as shipments first got here.

And that’s that. Transferring my dad’s files and contacts, as well as teaching him how to use S60 is a totally different, unpleasant story though. 😛