It has always frustrated me that so many themes for S60 3rd Edition don’t work so well on the E61i because of its landscape orientation. That’s probably why I decided to start sharing some themes I’ve collected that, from my experience, look good on the E61i. I got these themes from various blogs and message boards, so they might not be new to some of you though.

For today’s set, here are some of my favorite dark-colored S60 themes.


WM6 Black by Flahorn:

Nice and simple, just the way I like it.


N-Series 4 by (?):

One of the mainstays on my phone


MacGraphite by by Jussy:



Check back here in a few days when I’ve uploaded more themes.


Note: If you’re the creator of one of these themes and you’d prefer that they be downloaded from your own site, just leave a comment or an e-mail and I’ll be happy to comply.