Prompted by a recent comment on a previous post, I decided to write a comparison of the Py60 Scribe WordPress client and the mobile version of It’s about time too, since I haven’t posted anything here in a long while.

I’ll start off by going through Scribe with a bit more detail.

The Scribe launcher with the default Py60 Icon

Scribe accesses your WordPress account through Xmlrpc. It’s basically your blog’s URL with a “/xmlrpc.php” extension. You have to put in your username and password too, of course. (Note too that in theory, Scribe can be used for pretty much any blog that uses Xmlrpc!)

After authenticating your account, you can now post new entries, publish drafts, edit previous posts, and manage all existing ones.

Scribe’s interface is definitely bare, as can be seen in the screenshots here.

Yes, that plain white screen seen above is where you type in new posts.
At least there’s the option to add tags and a category.

Under the Manage option, you’ll see all existing drafts and posts.
Here, you can publish drafts and unpublish ones already posted.

M.WordPress.Com, on the other hand, is actually just as bare. After logging into your WordPress account, you can now view stats, post new entries, make bookmarks, and… Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I don’t really have much use for Bookmarking and I didn’t find an option to manage posts.

(Sad stats, I know)

The posting page looks a bit better than Scribe’s,
though it’s actually less functional in that you can’t set categories.

All in all, I can’t really say that one is better than the other right now. M.Wordpress.Com’s only edge is that it shows your site views for the day. Scribe, with its ability to manage posts, puts it ahead but loses points for being unstable. However, let’s keep in mind that these two are still relatively new and have lots of room to grow. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how they’ll improve in the future.