In my unending quest to tide the time while waiting for new chapters of my favorite mangas, I decided to start reading Genshiken, which had already been recommended to me by several people.

Genshiken, by Kio Shimoku, basically chronicles the “exciting” lives of the members of a college club for otakus. The club’s name, of course, is Genshiken, which is short for Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyuu Kai or the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture. Rather than focusing on a specific interest, the club tries to become a converging point for fans of various visual media.




Can someone say “finally”? That’s pretty much what I said to myself after finding out just now that the 271st chapter of Hunter x Hunter is already available! Heck, I got so excited about this that I decided to post here even before actually reading the new chapter. I’m feeling ecstatic right now because I’ll finally get to read a new chapter months of waiting. Well I don’t think anything can be worse than that time when Togashi-san took a year and a half off. >_<

For some reason, I’ve ended up with several mangas whose chapters take forever to come out, such as Bitter Virgin, Hunter x Hunter, and Gantz. That’s a big reason why I now make sure to only read series that have already been completed.

Anyways, that’s enough babble for now. Though I have been planning to post about Hunter x Hunter, I didn’t intend to end up with a post like this. I guess I’ll just have to do a better one next time. 😛 For now, I’m off to read (and savor) this new chapter.

Update: Okay, that chapter hardly quenched my HxH thirst that had been built up. I hope new chapters will be coming out regularly again.

(No, this has nothing to do with my very first entry.)

The image on the side hopefully already gave away the fact that my entry this time isn’t about tech. Like I mentioned in my introductory entry, it was my intention to cover a bit more than just that. And true enough, here I am with my first post in the manga category.

After thinking about what to write for my first manga-related entry, I finally decided to talk about a series called Bitter Virgin.

Actually, Bitter Virgin is a manga that I had encountered by chance after searching onemanga for something new to read. At the time, I had unfortunately already exhausted the supply of chapters of other series that I’ve been following and I simply needed something to keep me distracted while waiting for the next chapters to come out. It was then that I just couldn’t resist clicking on this awkwardly named manga on onemanga’s sidebar. I gave the first chapter a chance, and well, I’ve been hooked ever since.