Rants and Raves

I’m not sure about how new this news is but I just recently found out that Globe now has a data rate to match that of Smart.



Generally, I don’t bother making news posts about developments in the S60 world because (1), I don’t want to merely repeat what pretty much every other symbian/mobile blog has already posted, and (2), this isn’t my job. 😛 But this time, I think I’ll make an exception.

A few days ago, Ewan of SMS Text News posted about Scribe, a WordPress client for S60 phones developed by Jay Fenton. Just yesterday (Or is it today? I’m in GMT+08:00!), Jay finally posted the link to a working version of it! I’ve yet to try it though because I wanted to post about it right away.

Without further ado, get the app here: http://scribe.na.nu/

Just follow the instructions and you’ll be blogging on WordPress from your phone in no time! And according to Jay, Scribe will work with any blog engine that supports the metaWeblog and MovableType APIs. How awesome is that? Note that it’s still in beta, so there’s bound to be a few quirks.

I don’t know you, but good job, Jay!

I’ll probably make another post with some screenshots of my own as soon as I’m able to give Scribe a spin. Let’s hope it all works out. In the meantime, you can check out Ewan’s post for screenshots and more details.

How I wish that Nokia, and maybe a few other manufacturers, would ease up a bit on producing hardware and start concentrating on the software (i.e. stability, ease of ease) of their phones instead. For the past few months (years?), most of Nokia’s “new” releases were simply “newer” hardware for practically the same old software. Heck, many of their other releases were just varying combinations of the same hardware packed with the same software. And why is that? I don’t want to think that the majority of consumers are so simple-minded that they’ll buy a product (that they already have) just because it seems new.



Can someone say “finally”? That’s pretty much what I said to myself after finding out just now that the 271st chapter of Hunter x Hunter is already available! Heck, I got so excited about this that I decided to post here even before actually reading the new chapter. I’m feeling ecstatic right now because I’ll finally get to read a new chapter months of waiting. Well I don’t think anything can be worse than that time when Togashi-san took a year and a half off. >_<

For some reason, I’ve ended up with several mangas whose chapters take forever to come out, such as Bitter Virgin, Hunter x Hunter, and Gantz. That’s a big reason why I now make sure to only read series that have already been completed.

Anyways, that’s enough babble for now. Though I have been planning to post about Hunter x Hunter, I didn’t intend to end up with a post like this. I guess I’ll just have to do a better one next time. 😛 For now, I’m off to read (and savor) this new chapter.

Update: Okay, that chapter hardly quenched my HxH thirst that had been built up. I hope new chapters will be coming out regularly again.

Welcome to my very first true web log.

Here, I intend to talk about various technologies such as mobile phones, software, computers, and the Internet. Don’t expect anything too technical and in-depth though, as that isn’t what I plan to discuss here. There are more than enough websites dedicated to tech, as it is anyway. The write-ups I’m planning will mostly cover my experiences with these technologies and how they affect my life.

I’m also interested in video games, anime/manga, and art, and I’ll most likely have occasional blogs covering these interests too. Obviously, this is intended to be an impersonal blog. But let me just apologize in advance for possible future entries in which I will simply be rambling and straying away from the intended scope.

With this post, I guess I’ve officially become a blogger. Here’s to hoping that my zest for this doesn’t run out too quickly. ‘Til next time!