I just saw on the Nokia software update news site that they recently took down the E61i software. Could this be a sign of a new E61i firmware in the works? I REALLY hope so, though I’m probably just over speculating. Anyway, here’s what’s on the site:

Support for E61i has temporarily been removed from the Nokia Software Updater service. Other Nokia products are not affected. Support will be reintroduced as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Here’s the source: http://europe.nokia.com/A4577225

UPDATE: The lucky owners of an N82 finally got the firmware updated they’ve been waiting for. I hope Nokia starts paying attention to their E-Series devices for a change.


How I wish that Nokia, and maybe a few other manufacturers, would ease up a bit on producing hardware and start concentrating on the software (i.e. stability, ease of ease) of their phones instead. For the past few months (years?), most of Nokia’s “new” releases were simply “newer” hardware for practically the same old software. Heck, many of their other releases were just varying combinations of the same hardware packed with the same software. And why is that? I don’t want to think that the majority of consumers are so simple-minded that they’ll buy a product (that they already have) just because it seems new.


For today, I decided to share some bright themes that work well enough with the E61i. All credit goes to the author only known as Ivanov.


Crystal by Ivanov:


Some more themes for the E61i coming your way! I’ve got blue ones for today.


Saku by Ivanov


It has always frustrated me that so many themes for S60 3rd Edition don’t work so well on the E61i because of its landscape orientation. That’s probably why I decided to start sharing some themes I’ve collected that, from my experience, look good on the E61i. I got these themes from various blogs and message boards, so they might not be new to some of you though.

For today’s set, here are some of my favorite dark-colored S60 themes.


WM6 Black by Flahorn:


My E61i and its standby screen!

In the previous post, I went through some of my favorite built-in features of the Nokia E61i. This one, on the other hand, covers most of my favorite add-on applications, whether they are freeware, commercial, or from Nokia itself.


  • Opera Mini – This is definitely one of the best mobile web browsers available (and it’s not just for Symbian!). Its best feature is that Opera’s servers first compress the web page being viewed before sending it back to the phone, making it much more cost-effective than the built-in browser.
  • Truphone – Truphone is an awesome VoIP service that let’s you make FREE calls to landlines and mobiles in countries such as the U.S. Unfortunately, it’ll only be free until the end of February. Truphone-to-Truphone calls will always be free though!


E61i and Accessories


The Nokia E61i is already loaded with features even with it straight out of the box. I won’t be going through every single feature though as they’re already listed on Nokia’s own site or in one of the many E61i reviews that have been available for months already. Instead, this’ll be about the E61i’s features that have proven useful for me in a real-world setting. And without further ado, here they are:


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