• 3-Lib – Symbian/Psion resource by Steve Litchfield
  • Symbian Freak – Another Symbian site similar to All About Symbian
  • PC World – Reviews and news on software, hardware, electronics, gadgets
  • PC Magazine – Just like PC World, but with more opinionated writers
  • CNET – Reviews and news on cell phones, computers, and MP3 players


  • Stop Tazmo – Download scanlated manga for free!


  • Team Liquid – A site featuring a hardcore StarCraft community and news on StarCraft/professional gaming
  • Tekken Zaibatsu – Probably the largest English Tekken fansite and community


  • the Grim – Mix’s blog on games, art, and music

*If you want to swap links, feel free to contact me! 🙂